Tips and Tricks of Creating a Free Blog

People around the globe are using blogs in order to let their voice be heard across nations. Most of us are not even aware of what a blog is? A blog is an informal discussion site which is published on World Wide Web and the term first came into existence in 1977 by Jorn Barger. Although initially it was called a ‘webblog’ but later on Peter Merholz coined it ‘blog’. It has become a platform for people to share their ideas and views. It also has become a medium to earn money and to broadcast messages.

Creating a Free Blog

There are different ways through which you can create a free blog. Although you can create a blog by paying a third party, but then why you should pay for something that you can get for free.

Choose the Topic of your blog

Before you start with the creation of blog, you need to understand and finalize your blog topic. Your blog topic will be the subjective of your blog, thus you have to be very careful while choosing this topic. Choose a topic which you enjoy and are enthusiastic about.

Choose the Blogging Software

After you have decided your topic, your next step is to choose blogging software. In order to choose the right blogging software you should ask the question given below

  1. What are the objective and goals of your blog? The reason you are creating this free blog
  2. Is there need to customize your blog or an off shelf blog will be fine
  3. Do you have technical knowledge, or does someone you know has the knowledge
  4. How many authors will your blog have
  5. Have a custom email address which is tied to your blog
  6. What budget you have to spend every month on your blog

Create an Account in order to create a free Blog

In order to use the facilities of any blog builder you have to create an account with it. When you reach the log in page of the blog builder it requires you to create an account. In order to sign-up for an account, you need to provide information such as

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. E-mail address
  4. And other personal information.

Select the name of your Blog

Make sure you choose or select a name which is easy. People don’t tend to like long names. Your blog name should be precise and concise. It should be catchy so that people can easily retain your name.

Publish it on a Web Host

Trying to use a web host that is well connected with the search engine, as this will help your blog to grow fast. Whenever someone will research on a topic present on your blog through these search engines, your blog will come forward.

Happy blogging!

Using Google Analytics to get information about your website visits

Ok, so you got a completely new website and are wondering if people ever come to visit your site, well don’t despare, with Google Analytics you can track visits on your website, and best of all….. it’s is free to use!

With Google Analytics you will get tons of information about visits, so much that you in fact probably only ever use more than 30% of its potential, but that 30% will provide you all the information you need.

If you want to try Google analytics then watch this video and learn how you can set it up and also how to use it.

5 Cool Ideas You can Write About on Your Blog

5 cool blog topicsMany of neophyte bloggers today does not actually know what to write about on their blogs. While blogs can be multi-topic, it is always good to have one common theme that binds everything that you write.  So how do you start a blog with a knockout post?

Here are some things you can write about on your blog:

Things that matter. Think of the things that matters to the general public and consider them in writing your blog posts. You can write about current events, politics and other things important to your possible audience.

Write about things that are important not only to you but to your target audience as well. Say your target audience is those who are health conscious. You can write about diet, nutrition and exercises for a healthy body. If you want to target people who are tech savvy, things that matter to them can be latest notebook and phone models and other gizmos and gadgets.

Things you are passionate about, but… You may also want to write things that you are passionate about, but if you are thinking of earning traffics to your website, you must also consider what your audience is passionate about. There are certain things you like that may not be a hit to the online community. So think about and try to consider those things.

Though, if your objective for having a blog is to express your opinions and things that you like, feel free. It is your home in the online community after all, so you have all the freedom to write anything you want. This is the simplest answer you can get on how do you start a blog with a knockout post.

Reviews. Reviews are such a hit nowadays so you may want to venture in that path. You can create a blog that reviews films from the mainstream to the independent ones. Or you may also want to review music of different genres. There are a lot of things you can critic that are not only limited to art and publication. You can also review products, new technology and a lot more.

Entertainment. Another classic hit in the World Wide Web are entertainment blogs. A large population of internet users today goes to the internet for entertainment purposes. So why not write or post about it in your blog? Share to your audience news about celebrities and famous personalities. Under this category you may also want to share viral videos and memes.

Features and Human Interests. Odd stories, mysteries and some heart-warming articles of human interest are great topics to write about. You can write about how-to’s and stories about usual people that you see but don’t really mind.

Now again, how do you start your blog with a knockout post? Think about something to write. There are always a good number of subjects that interest people. Try looking at the feed of your social media account and you will see tons and tons of subjects shared and are widely received. You can get ideas on these stories and the next time you know, it is already your blog post that is being shared.